If you’re a salesperson, simplicity is your friend—especially when it comes to choosing the best sales prospecting tools. While more sophisticated tools sound good in theory, they often create too much friction–which can slow you down.

Flyer Distribution

Just because a customer says no is not a reason to give up. The sad thing is though, many business people do. Successful users of leaflet distribution will tell you that sales of their product or services increase when the customer gets used to seeing their leaflet drop through their letterbox at regular intervals.


Appointment Setting

Cold calling refers to calling a prospect over the phone for the first time. Nothing can beat the power of a cold call as you have to think on your feet to shape their impression about your product and company.


Social Media

A person spends an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media. If your prospects are on social media, busy posting about what matters to them, reading news and researching on things to buy, then you should be there too.


Events & Webinars

This sales prospecting method gives an opportunity to meet a lot of potential customers face-to-face on one platform or through webinars.



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