What is a flyer?

Because it’s designed to go far, it gained the name flyer. A flyer is a paper advertisement, often printed in bulk for distribution on a large scale in public places, through the post or directly handed out to.

History of Flyer

Before the printing press, in the Dark and Middle Ages, any writing had to be carried out by hand, and not just by anyone, but by scribes. Scribes tended to live in monasteries where they had a special ‘scriptorium’ room for copying scripts and texts, and most books in those days were owned by the monasteries, or the very rich. Books tended to be written on surfaces of clay, papyrus, wax, and parchment.

In the late 1430s, a German man named Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press. He developed a complete printing system, which perfected the printing process through all its stages and he also developed the ‘moveable type machine’. As popularity spread, printed texts became a new way to spread information to vast audiences quickly and cheaply. If you had a political, social or religious point to make, flyer printing was a powerful way to advance your cause.

By the 1970s, every group and business could utilise the leaflet to rally support for their causes, goods and services. Recent software developments mean that anyone can produce a leaflet, design it to their taste to spread their message of choice.


Before you layout, print and go into your flyer campaign, take note of these flyer distribution tips:

Clear and Strong Title

Every marketing message must be strong and clear; conveyed clearly, quickly, and creatively. Visualize the message in various ways. Remember, flyers must be captivating and convincing – your potential customers must like what you offer.

Less is More

It must be short but unique, snappy and memorable. The flyers are not usually picked up by people, flyers are being handed out to them and most of the time, and people are unwilling to take them. So, better yet, let the message be straightforward. The initial goal is to stir reaction, regardless of what kind of reaction it is.

Create Your Distribution Strategy and Monitoring Effectiveness

 Focus the message on the customer instead of on your company. It is also a good idea to know the industry ‘norm’, for example, do flyers typically get sent by HDB door to door or landed letterboxes? A reason why it is a good idea to know the norm is so that you can be different! Once you have identified possible distribution strategies try allocating a percentage of flyers for you Plan A and Plan B. Monitor the effectiveness of the flyers, for example, a flyer distribution service Singapore was hired to hand out flyers with 30% discount on a meal from a certain restaurant. They will get the discount by bringing the flyer with them at the store. The restaurant owner will know how many people responded to the flyer campaign when the flyers came back to them because of the offered discount.

Another way to monitor the effectiveness of flyer distribution campaign is through social media. Now is a great time to maximize the use of social media. Add your business’s social media pages on the flyers and ask them to like your page and follow you. Then you can make a short survey to ask where they learn about your business. Measuring the campaign impact helps you know how interested the people were, how many purchased or availed the offer, how many brought referrals, etc.

Know Your Target Audience/Location

The goal is to spread your message and to the right people and location. When you already invest money on design and printing, make sure the distribution is effective by targeting specific locations, so don’t let your HDB flyer distribution campaign fall short.

Add Discounts/Promotions

If you want to nudge your customers to the right direction, give them discounts. Since you are trying to make sales, giving discounts can bring potential customers to your doorsteps, and at the same time help build a loyal customer base.

Have a Call-to-Action

There is no point in designing the perfect leaflet if you do not know how successful your advertising was. This is another strong way to get creative, as whilst it is hard to know for sure how many people saw your leaflet in total, you can direct them to a landing page, ask them to call you or send an email which can all be measured.


Flyer Distribution Singapore is your chance to connect with potential customers and make a sale. You need to reach more customers within a short span of time, that’s why you are doing a flyer distribution campaign. Once you have them hold the flyer, make sure that you connect with them through it.


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