Lead Vs. Prospect

Sometimes, the terms lead and prospect are used interchangeably and can get confusing when your sales team is prospecting.


A cold lead is a potential customer who is not aware of your product and hasn’t expressed any interest in your product or service.


A warm lead refers to a potential customer who is aware of your product and has expressed interest in your product or company earlier.  For instance, the lead may have come from a website visit, subscription to your newsletter or ways like visiting your website, subscribing to your newsletter, or downloading a presentation.


The leads that match your target audience and your buyer persona are called qualified leads or sales prospects. Sales prospects are qualified leads that are most likely to purchase your products or services as they match your buyer profile and have also expressed interest in your product.

Where should I look for Leads?

From your own materials

For example, on your websites or social media accounts. Does this work poorly? Let’s move on to the next one, you definitely won’t go wrong with it.


From your competitors’ materials

There is no point in copying them word for word, but it does make sense to take ideas from their marketing format, reinvent the content and create something different of your own.


In marketing coaches and new developments in the field of sales.

Quite often, interesting cases from this area as well as budding marketers’ common mistakes become known through these channels of communication with the audience, from which you can learn and avoid their mistakes.



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