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Dear Financial Advisors,

Learn how to close more and bigger cases to hit MDRT,COT,TOT by attending this free Will Writing and Estate Planning Seminar via zoom by Top Notch Will Writing Trainer.

This 2-hr seminar is worth $388 but I am giving this out for FREE for a limited time period.

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    The sales opportunities arises from the coversation of planning, in terms of LPA, trusts and nomination.
    Loh Kok Hong
    Financial Advisor
    I met Mr Tan in Rockwills Corporation through a public forum in 2019. Mr Tan assisted me in doing my LPA and Will. He is still in contact with me to this day, helping to review my needs annually. When I sufered from Brain Aneurysms in 2020, Mr Tan helped me review my Will and gave very helpful suggestions. He was able to identify customer individual needs and is very knowledgeable. He even advised me on how to do my will in places such as Bangkok and Shanghai. When arranging video conferences to meet, he will always be on time while making me feel welcome.
    Mdm Hu Weiying

    Have you done up your estate planning with all these intruments?

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