Every time when you walk into a gallery or museum, you will notice the price tags near each painting, it seems that art is only for the people who can afford it at a high cost.

The truth is, as a former art consultant and currently an artist, I could tell you that, Art is not just for rich people. While it’s true that some high-end artwork can be expensive, there are also many affordable options available.

We will discuss more about this topic in our upcoming issues.

Art collection doesn’t have to be very high price artworks, you can always start from what you can reach to, and gradually learn more, dive deeper into this field.

At this issue time, I will introduce to you a few galleries in Singapore that could give you a wide range of options when it comes to artwork collection.

  1. Livingwithart

There are more than 3000 pieces of artwork that prices starting at less than $100. Including a wide range of art categories like sculpture, printing art, and paintings. There are artworks that are from established artists and also emerging artists for different buyers to choose from. Owned by Singapore Entrepreneur Zak Lok (盧作為), his other gallery called Gallery1819 also includes more established and wider choices of artwork for you to choose from.

Take a look and visit them at 315 Outram Rd, #02-05, Singapore 169074




  1. Your Mother Gallery

One of the first and ever underground galleries in Singapore. Here you will find an ever-different vibe and energy in the gallery. Unlike most commercial galleries where there is a fine dining vibe everywhere, here you will feel what is freedom.

There are affordable art pieces from less than $100 to also more established artists’ artwork that have been dedicated for years.

You can also have a conversation with the owner Jeremy Hiah on where and how to start with the art collection, I’m sure he would be glad to give you some nice suggestions.

Come and check it out at 26A Rowell Rd, Singapore 207982

Website: www.yourmothergallery.com


  1. The Fluxus House

Located at Outram Park in Singapore, curated by Singapore-based artist CK BODHI, The Fluxus House updates its artworks every month, mostly displaying emerging artists’ artworks in Singapore. If you are new to art collecting and want to see more of Singapore’s emerging artists, this would be one of the best choices to take. Besides, the gallery is located inside a  hair salon, so come and get your hair nicely done while appreciating some local art.


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The Fluxus House provides free exhibition space for artists in Singapore. This is a significant support for emerging artists who often struggle with the high costs associated with renting venues to showcase their talent.

Visit them at Teo Hong Rd, 23, Outram Park, Singapore 088332

Instagram: @thefluxushouse.gallery




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